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If you search the Internet under blogs and chat rooms you could spend hours reading what is out there about marcite plaster swimming pool failures. These failures are not characteristic of any one pool builder as listed below but it is known in the pool industry as the PLASTER DISASTERwhich is a national crisis. If you read these articles you will find that the longevity of a plaster pool resurfacing is 4-6 years. Contractors nationally offer a 1-year warranty except for the state of California, which requires a 3-year warranty. There are no real warranties on the pool plaster itself. The contractor will always say the water chemistry was not kept properly should the plaster finish fail.

Here are some plaster pool horror stories we found on Internet blogs and chatrooms...

Dan of Townsend DE (06/20/08)
Our pool was plastered April 5, 2007. By August we noticed small cracks through out the entire pool. We were leaking water at 3 per week. This has been from day one in our pool. We contacted A&S and they said regarding the cracks that there was nothing they could do unless we were losing water. Ummm... 3 per week is a bit much for evaporation. We'll make a note in your file, is what we were told by a lady in the Warranty Department.

Fast forward to when we opened our pool this year. In March we realized the cracks had gotten MUCH worse and called. Their one and only plaster expertwas supposed to come out and look at the pool numerous times, but he never showed, never called, and each time it was pushed off for another two weeks by A&S. When the pool was opened, the water started leaking again. We strongly suspect it is in the plumbing, but of course no one will come out and look at the pitting and cracking plaster or the leak. We have called, yelled and screamed, talked nicely, and of course, in typical fashion for this Pool builder, no one will return phone calls. No one answers the phone when you call and just today someone was supposed to come out and look at the plaster yet again.

Joseph of Waynesboro PA (05/11/08)
I paid over $50,000 for a new pool. It started from the first sales meeting, I was promissed the pool would be started in April 2006 and paid 1/3 deposit. After a number of calls to the installation team they finally started in July 2006.

Review by Patti Hamiltonon 6th Jul 2008
My Pool is 1 year old from another company and they have stated they understand my frustration but that they can't help me because it's a chemical problem. The 4 foot straightline crack down the side isn't from chemicals, surely?! Also, the only two people that ever touched my pool were the two cleaning service representatives.

Review by thumperpumpon 31st May 2008
I had a Pool built for me a pool in 2001 and have had cracking occur in in the plaster since year two. The Pool builder finally replastered the pool in 2004after I had to badger them for 2 years. The cracks returned in 2007 and have been determined to be structural in nature. It is so hard to deal ...

Review by Katshoton 23rd Sep 2005
Don't feel bad. It's a year and 3 months since the pool was finshed and I still have warranty issues that have yet to be settled. The pool has been re-plastered once and it cracked just like the first time, so they are "supposed" to do it again but I have yet to hear when. The stone work was leaking calcium deposits so badly that even the project manager admitted he'd never seen one so bad. What did the Pool builder do? After much complaining, they had a crew come out to "re-grout" the stonework. Only problem was they re-grouted with gray grout and the original was tan. So now I have the raised beam area with gray grout and the rest of the coping area with tan. Looks REAL GOOD! SO I've gone 2 years now since the date of the original contract and STILL don't have a finished pool! This company totally SUCKS!

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