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(1) I have a 20-year plaster pool that was painted 3 years ago and it is now blistering and chalking. Do I have to remove all the paint to install the UltraGuard product?
It is unfortunate that you painted your pool. As you have certainly already found out, all paints will oxidize and have the problems that you mentioned. It is impossible to remove all the paint unless you sand blast the pool. This is usually messy and costly. When you call us we will tell you what to do when a pool is painted. We need to know if you have hard water (calcium). We also need to know if you have a rubber-based paint on your pool.

(2) I've been told by various pool service companies to never paint my pool. They all recommend plaster or Diamond Bright and Pebble Tec. What makes your product so exceptional?
Plaster is very inexpensive to put down but has very high profit margins. The longevity of the original plaster when your pool was built was 10 to 20-years. On a redo your lucky to get 6-years. Click Hereand see why UltraGuard is a superior coating to paint fiberglass and plaster.

(3) What type of maintenance and chemical usage can I expect with the UltraGuard system?

You will find that your usage of chemicals should be approx. 50% less. You will not have to brush your pool with a wire brush as you did with your marcite plaster finish. The days of having algae problems are over because the UltraGuard product is smooth, non-porous and cannot become a host to algae.

(4) My local contractor wants to re-plaster my pool and is offering me a 3-year warranty. If my husband and I apply your UltraGuard what kind of warranty do you offer?

Nationally all contractors average a 1-year warranty. Only in California are contractors required to offer a 3-year warranty. This 3-year warranty is not worth the paper it's written on. As soon as that contractor gets his final payment you can kiss the warranty good bye. If any failure should occur even in the first year he will blame you for not managing the water chemistry properly. UltraGuard offers a no nonsense 5-year warranty.Click on warranties on the left hand side of the home page you will get full details how you qualify for our warranties.

(5) How do you recommend I prep my pool prior to applying UltraGuard?

Use a 2,500 or 3,000 PSI power washer to remove any loose, soft, sandy and hollow areas. Any top coating is only as good as the substrate. When you purchase our product we will go into further detail about this process.

(6) The plaster on my swimming pool floor is rough. What can I do to make it smooth so my kids won't hurt their feet? I have some pop offs and hollow areas. What can I do with these?

Go to Home Depot and buy a bag of playground sand and a window screen. Also buy a product called Acrylic Mortar Admix in flooring department. This will be used in place of water. This acrylic modifier cannot contain silicone. Buy an 18" squeegee. Buy (2) 5-gallon buckets and (1) 1-gallon bucket. Find a hardware store or lumberyard that sells white portland cement.

After screening the sand, use the 1-gallon bucket to mix 2-parts sand to1-part white cement. Box back and forth into empty 5-gallon bucket until thoroughly mixed.

Put 1.25 gallons of acrylic modifier into a 5-gallon bucket. Then mix your concrete into the acrylic modifier to a consistency of a pancake mix. Pour this mix the entire width of your pool. Pull back with your squeegee over the highs and fill the lows. The following day, sand down the ridges. You now have a very smooth floor that is ready for the UltraGuard bond coat.

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