Plaster Swimming Pool Resurfacing

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Product Pricing...

Industrial Super Epoxy Color Topcoat
Unit price WITH warranty $407.00

  • Approx 300 to 350 Square Feet per Unit
  • 6 Colors Available
  • 100% Solids polymers
  • 20 Mils Thickness
  • 10yrs Longevity 10-13 years

Penetrating Bond for Plaster and Marcite pools
Unit price $407.00

  • Approx 600-650 Square ft. per unit
  • Prevents back hydration
  • etches itself into concrete
  • bond strength of 14,000 PSI.

*Unused Merchandise Can Not Be Returned!

Optional supplies...

Super Epoxy Pool Putty

  • Unit price $387.00

Non slip granulars for steps

  • Unit price $44.00
  • Covers 250 Sq Ft

Super Epoxy Trowel Mix

  • Fills cracks and rebuilds degraded areas
  • 1 unit covers 150 linear ft
  • Unit price $387.00

Super Epoxy Concrete Cleaner

  • Cleans and etches itself to concrete
  • Replaces acid and tsp., hardens concrete
  • Unit price $97.00
  • Covers 1000 sq. ft.

Microban is an additive that we mix with our epoxy coatings to help prevent the growth of microbes(mold, mildew, algae, fungi, etc)

* Shipping IS Additional

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