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Allison Dews


Dear Ken,

After doing extensive searching on the internet and having two local pool companies give me ideas as to what I could do to fix the tears and cracks in my pool, I came upon the ultraguard website. The testimonials and warranty really seemed the way to go. I called Steve Sawtelle in April of 2012 from the website number and spoke with him in detail, he seemed very knowledgeable. After sending him pictures and detailed information, he came to me with a quote of $14,000 including the pool decking. We agreed on $12,000. (He asked for an additional $1000 toward the end of the job because it was taking so long so the final total was $13,000.)

I have attached a copy of the contract. He started around Sept 20th 2012 and finished the pool on October 26th 2012 with the promise of coming back to finish the pool deck.

When re-opened our pool memorial day weekend in 2013 we immediately saw issues and I texted him photos and he called me on May 24th. He promised me these were minor easy fix and he would be back to repair "after the Memorial day rush". On June 20th, June 28th and finally July 8th I texted him to ask when he was coming. He then called me and told me that he has many "failures" and the product is not working on some pools. He blamed it on the product saying that must have cheapened the formula etc... He says he has no money to get to NJ and fix my pool, he is trying to fix other pools in Texas and Kentucky, I recall.

I told him that I understood and I can wait until he can get here, but he needs to give me updates as to what the plan is. On August 14th I asked again when he was coming he said "Send me more pics of the areas in question. Take a deep breath, I'm not going to leave you guys hanging, mother nature is kicking our @$$- the entire industry is being punished." I told him we have blisters everywhere and losing water about an inch a day due to the cracking and peeling on the bottom. September 9th, I sent him updated photos on how it is getting worse etc...He called me and told me to go through my insurance company and texted me the same. On September 9th, 2013 I told him that his product failed and that it was NOT mother nature's fault and that he was forcing me to take legal action. That is the last I heard from him.

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