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Plaster Swimming Pool Restoration Disasters have been becoming a national crisis for the past 10 years 
Ask a neighbor or a friend who has a plaster finished swimming pool, they will tell you about their plaster disaster. They will probably tell you they would like to fill in their pool with dirt to make a flower garden. We get hundreds of phone calls and emails every month from people telling us their personal plaster disaster stories. If you search the Internet you will not find this type of dissatisfaction with UltraGuard. This is truly amazing considering our website has been up for 5-years and over 2,000 homeowners have used the UltraGuard for pool resurfacing system.

My Plaster Disaster Story

Our newly built pool, which had a plaster finish, started to fail after 2 years. After many attempts of contacting The Pool Builderto correct the deteriorating plaster problem with no success, we realized how sensitive of a product plaster really is. Our builder claimed that we were at fault because how we handled our water chemistry maintenance. This was not true.  We did research on plaster and found out that there is a national crisis called the "Plaster Disaster", where consumers today have no recourse and are always blamed for the plaster failures by the pool contractor. After speaking with the UltraGuard's referrals and testimonials, we realized this was the only product to consider. Thank you UltraGuard.

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Steve and Christine Jandovitz, Fairless Hills, PA

The plaster disaster is indeed a national crisis. The swimming pool industry has spent hundreds of thousands of dollars in the past 10 years to find out why plaster does not currently have the longevity as in previous years. Contractors today realize this problem and are offering the 3M colored quartz to compensate. These solutions like Pebble Tec and Diamond Bright have their problems but not to the degree that plaster has.

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