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Pool Prep

1. When pools empty. You must call us.

2. Use a 2500 or 3000 psi power washer with a turbo tip spinning head. You must call us.

3. Use a 36 grit sanding pad. Remove any loose particles. You must call us.

4. Apply our cleaning cleanser which acts as a sealer where you do not need muriatic acid or TSP. You must call us.

5. Fill in any small holes or cavities with a 2 part epoxy putty that you can buy at any swimming pool store. For larger areas us our special concrete mix to smooth rough areas. You must call us.

6. Use our EXCLUSIVE PRIMER BOND COAT so you get a physical and chemical bond and stops hydration. Since 2003 and over 4,000 satisfied home owners it is a proven fact any epoxy coating must have a primer bond coat. If your pool has been painted you must test to see what kind you have. You must call us.

7. Lightly scratch and scuff the surface. You must call us.

8. Apply our color top coat. You must call us.

9. You can put water in your pool within 36-48 hours. You must call us first.

At that time I will give you a control number which is your guarantee as long as you call me every step. No control number no guarantee.

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