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We have proven that UltraGuard is a superior product with the UltraGuard Challenge

If you have read this website you now know the many problems that exist with epoxy swimming pool coatings, fiberglass swimming pool finishes and plaster swimming pool resurfacing.

We have been on the internet for the past 5-years with the UltraGuard Challenge . We challenged any manufacturer of any pool coating to jointly do comparative testing at an accepted independent lab. The loser pays for testing costs and the winner may use the test results in their advertising.Contact Us for Details. In the past 5-years not one manufacturer has ever volunteered or daredto compare their product to ours. If you read all the benefits and testimonials there will be no question in your mind that we are a superior coating .

All swimming pool coatings in time will blister, flake, chalk and delaminate. With UltraGuards penetrating primer bond coat this will not happen because you will have a physical and chemical bond.

UltraGuard coatings have a successful 25 to 30 year history of industrial applications and the research by testing agencies to prove it.

Our products were tested for the United States government to find out why other products failed and ours have far greater longevity.

UltraGuard is the only coating for swimming pools that is nontoxic, nonflammable, is odorless and is safe for the applicator to handle.

After the first UltraGuard coating you will never have to go through the ordeal of prepping your pool again. After 10-years or better only a light scuffing of your pool interior is needed. You are now ready for your new UltraGuard coating.

With UltraGuard you can fill your pool after 48 hours. With other coatings you must wait 5 to 7 days and be concerned with humidity, rain and morning dew. We have the answers to address these problems.

We know we have a superior product and that’s the reason we can offer the homeowner a 5-year no nonsense warranty.

Guaranteed! UltraGuard will outlast and out perform any other coating!
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