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UltraGuard Plaster Swimming Pool Refinishing: Never go through the ordeal of prepping your pool again!

UltraGuards benefits are far superior to any swimming pool coating and restoration in the pool industry today.

Marcite Pool Failure Prepping Marcite Pool

UltraGuard plaster swimming pool refinishing creates a non-scuff smooth surface
Unlike marcite plaster finishes that become abrasive, our smooth coating will not give you skinned elbows, scraped knees or snagged swim wear. Your children will not come out after swimming with bleeding feet.

UltraGuard plaster swimming pool refinishing stops leaks and will permanently seal non-dynamic cracks.
This could only happen with our thick 15 mil application.UltraGuard has restored a 260,000-gallon commercial pool that was leaking 10,000 gallons a day. We have been written up in newspaper articles to attest to this statement. When you call us we will give you the necessary information so you can look up the information on our website.

UltraGuard plaster swimming pool refinishing reduces all chemical consumption by at least 50%.
Your old plaster finish is porous and has a surface that reacts in a negative way by interacting with your pool chemicals. The UltraGuard system is an inert coating and is impervious to water and all pool chemicals.

UltraGuard plaster swimming pool refinishing has a longevity of ten to thirteen years.
After this time you will not have to prep your pool again just lightly scuff it. You are now ready for a new coating of UltraGuard. It’s as easy as that.

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